How we work with hired event planners.

Event planners are great when you need them.  We do offer this service when it comes to planning our portion of the party or production.

As long as they know we are professionals and have likely been doing our job successfully for over 30 years there are no challenges!

On the wedding reception side of things there are so many details to keep track of so an event planner is a great assistance.

With us, we do all the reminders for you so there is very little for the planner to do with us!

Music is personal and should not be arranged by someone else.

They should be provided with a copy of the planner we complete together with you.

In the way of event production we will work with planners and clients to design the best event with the tools we have access to.

Its great to have a sound, video and lighting person in the meeting as they can assist you with visions and expectations.

Are you an event planner looking for a preferred service

We are happy to offer event planners unique tools for their clients and planning tools that no other service can offer.​
Our Dj entertainers are easy to work with, reliable and resourceful.
We work with you to take some of the planning off your agenda.

Day of execution is hassle free with our service.