Wedding Ceremonies

The trend now adays is to do your nuptials outside the church.   Whatever or however you choose we have systems to accomodate sound.

We can play pre-recorded music you choose or simply supply audio for an officiant or live musician.

Copeland DJ performs many ceremonies per year.  If you have decided to use recorded music or live musicians, we can provide sound for officiants and musicians. 

Using recorded music, we have developed and easy to use planning form and have made it really easy to choose music.
Our service fees for ceremonies have many deciding factors but are in line with live musicians.


Come down the aisle to the song that best fits your mood and time in life.

Ceremony signing songs

Typically for signing of the register we suggest two songs.


This is an opportunity for you to set the tone of the party for the night.

Over the top Recessional Songs

Looking to take a risk on the recessional?  This will definetly do it.