MC Duties

So first an explanation of what the MC and what a DJ does at a wedding.

First.  The DJ part.  
Your DJ will announce you into the room and make all the dance announcements during the night.  So once the happy couple does thier speech.  We are on!

What does and who should be an MC?

The MC is only there to interact with the Maitre'd or room captain on your behalf and announce Grace, speeches and toasts.  Thats it!

An outside MC vs people you know!

An outside wedding host can be good if you want to take it up a notch.  Some DJs offer this but they tend to be low key because they dont want to offend anyone!  After all...they are with you all night!

People you know are best.  Guy girl teams, girl girl teams and guy guy teams are best!

Do you really need an MC?
Someone should really be in charge but if you have a small wedding, you may even do what we call alacarte!  All this means is that people who want to say something know to make the speech after a course or check with you.

What never to do!

OPEN MIC!  Open bar.  Could be a little risky but its your party!

We do have a professional event host we work with if you are interested.