What is a memory jogger and how do I use it

A memory jogger is an exclusive tool developed by Copeland DJ.  It is a list that is updated 4 times a year and is a list of party tunes.  We break them into catagories for you.  There are no bad songs on this list, only bad catagories.  

In order to use it, you can fill it in online by checking off the check boxes of songs you would like to hear at the party.  The more check marks the better!

The way the DJ uses it is that in addition to your personal requests, he will use the memory jogger as an influence to find songs that fit with songs you have chosen in your request area.  

This gives you even more influence over the music!

The other way we use a memory jogger is that we look at the number of check marks in each catagory.  Believe it or not you have no programed your party by genre!

This is the DJs favorite tool!