Can I program my entire night

As a DJ, we arent huge fans of this, but if you are hiring us to do a job then thats what you request...that is what we will do.

We will share a couple of things with you.  The few weddings we have done this at, we are approached by the hosts and they ask us to ignore the list and just get people dancing.  That is our experience and unfortunately it is a huge waste of time for you.  We have a great planning system and encourage you to use our experience and work with us to build a vibe for your party.

Also, this is an article that was written by an event planner in NYC for GQ magazine.  

"Self-programming on an ipod can be catastrophic.  There's no way to imagine in advance the flow of the evening and the energy in the room.  That's what a human is fore.  99% of parties are intergenerational things, and I don't want you to alienate half the guests, but He is also not going to play corny or mainstream stuff just because its recognizable.  There's a really hip middle ground, and you have to trust your DJ. Remember. you're not looking for a wedding DJ if its a wedding.  YOu're looking for a good DJ who has experience doing weddings.  There's a big difference."