Why do we only get to request 25 songs in the myJAMS Section

Great question.  

So here is an update of our new system....PARTY15 - access in your planning area under Music Requests.

The new system is 15 Guaranteed Plays.  Its going to happen....No doubt about it!  (time restraints may lower the number)

So you have 15 songs that are  going to happen.  You also get another 10 "Please Try Songs"  Thats now 25!

1.  You dont have to put them in any order that will be played.  The dj will figure that out and we will likely alphabitize them or by code or bpm.

2.  The PARTY15 Songs will be played before you leave.  If you say you are leaving at midnight and we start playing at 11 it may be a little hard.

3.  The "Please Try Songs" will be mixed in through the night as they fit and flow.  Your DJ will do his best to get those all done too.  

4.  The DJs job is to find 15 songs to compliment your PARTY15 and build a music set or flow to the night.  He is thinking hours ahead too!  

5.  Now heres an interesting one....more than90% of  the guests that make requests have no idea what they want prior to dancing starting.  What makes them make a request you ask?  Its the PARTY15 you pick and the 15 songs  the DJ has found to compliment yours.  In a typical night, they will request up to 20 songs as the night goes on (and yes alot of them are really bad!).

RECAP - You asked for 25.  The DJ has come up with 25.  The guests requested 20 songs.  

That is 70 SONGS.  

Did you know a DJ only plays about 53 songs in 4 hours of dancing!  Its a proven formula and works awesome.  

Should you ever want to request more of course we will accept them!  We want the party to rock just as much as you do!