Let's make this party ROCK with IGR!

Need some musical inspiration?

We really need you to make the most amazing requests so that this party will be remembered for the ages!


Guests can go here to find some great music being played at parties right now!

Clients can request an IGR login for you're party right here.

Here is a video lesson for you.

So here is a quick instructional video on how to use IGR or Interactive Guest Requests.  

This tool is used by your hosts to assist them with their party planning!  

Make sure your requests are awesome or they may get deleted or added to a do not play list by your host!  

Our clients, your hosts, have complete control over the guests requests.

Do you want to active IGR for your party?
Click here

Did you put a note on your reply set of invites for your guests to request a song they would dance to?

If yes, please request IGR40.  We will explain when you ask.