Music and Planning

Music and Planning are essential to the success of any Party or Production.  The planning is important to solidfy the details for pre-planning and execution.  What needs to happen when, what has to happen and of course what has to be played.  

Weve made this section easy.  Once section is all about the music planning along with various tools to assist, inspire and teach!  Its a great section to keep open when you are logged into the planning area working on music requests and scheduling those special or timed dances.

For the planning, we have created some great videos about how to use the planning tools we have.  

Music Planning Made Simple

This page will have loads and loads of charts and lists to help you in the planning process!

If you dont see the song you are looking for, no worries.  It doesn't mean we don't have it...

Yes, you can always supply us music to be played at your personal party.

On to the Tunes!​

Planning.  Its something you do togther.

We had to use that line becasue it is so very important that the music matters!  If you decide on an style of music, genre or even songs not to play it matters!

Weddings, Socials, Corporate and even Schools...If its one person or a group of people with similiar tastes in music, it doesn't help us assign the right dj or plan for an awesome party!  

OK.  We are ready to start!

How to use out tools.

This is an instructional video series showing you how to use each of our planning tools.

It also explains the importance of each tool we have created.

Teach me!

Overwhelmed?  Don't be.  

We have designed our tools to be simple and intuitive.

We are simply a phone call or email away.  We will always make sure all the details and 

notes are logged and your DJ follows them!

Still not feeling the love?  We are happy to setup a shared screen planning meeting with you if

you really feel you need it.