It's all about the Jams!

Our planning tools allow you to take control of the music at your party!  We have an exclusive formula that is rock solid when combined with our custom planning tools.

Every party we do is unique.  If you have ever been to one of our will never be at the same one twice!

This page is designed to help you in the music planning process.  Its broken down by Theme or Special Dances and then broken down by Decade!

These lists are only suggestions and not the only songs we have in our database.

Trending Party Jams

This is a list of songs currently charting on dancefloors across North America.

Top Party Songs of All Time

This list is live and changes as its the top party dancing tunes of all time.

Getting Married...Here's Some First's

The song has to be perfect.  This is a list of popular songs used as first dances.

It has to be a Grande Entrance

Great songs for introductions of any type into a room.

Bride Special Dances

Bride and Dad, Mom, Grandparent, Sibling... This is a great place to start.

Groom Special Dances

Groom and Mom, Grandparent or Sibling... This should make the choices easier.

Bouquet Toss

Head up!  Make some room for some single ladies who will tackle to catch the bouquet.

Garter Toss

Its either the guys hands in their pockets or its an all out rugby scrum.

Let's do the decade guessing thing!

This is our favorite tool.  The tops songs by decade.

2010's            2000's             1990's

1980's            1970's             1960's