Stag and Doe | Jack and Jill | Buck and Doe | Doe and Doe

Its time to party.  Doesn't matter what you call's a fundraiser for the new couple.  

Its also a great way to get together, be crazy and win some swag.

These are great parties becasue everyone can blow off some steam before the wedding.

So much could go right and so much could go wrong.

There is alot to know when you run one of these parties. 

LCBO to Smart Serve to Insurance.
We will work with you to let you know where to book it, how to run it, what games to run and so much more.

A personal meeting with our resident expert.


Your DJ will work with the planners to run the games and call out winning tickets.  They will also help you boost interest in games that are slow or if you are doing 50/50.

Contest and Games to Run

This is tricky.  Which games work.  Do you have the right licence.  What contests make more money or better margins.


As much as we hate to say this.  Music is secondary to the party.  There will be dancing eventually or sporatically.  But you have to look at it this way.  If people are dancing, they aren't drinking and playing games.

Where to have them.  When to have them.

This can make or break your party.  Some venues are over priced.  Some take all the bar and a fee for the room.  Shop smart.  Free parking is a must.