Video Dances and Video | Photo Slides

Taking you back to your high school days.  We have one of the largest mobile digital video collections in Canada.  With over 4TB of music video from the 50s to today we can perform with any theme and club it up to latest House and EDM videos.

The great thing about digital is it makes us mobile and allows us to plug in anywhere.  

We can walk into a bar, restaurant or nightclub and be up and running on thier screens in minutes.

Venues that have video screens are the same.  You don't have to do video all night but its a great feature to use for a couple of hours.

Video is so 80s...NOT!

Use our video screens for other displays

Use our screens for music videos and slide the odd commercial or slide show into the mix.

Book us for the day.  Use the screens for your meetings or conferences and then transform your workspace into a night club later on with a quick addition of lighting.

Fundraising with Video Dances

Having a fundraiser and looking for a great way to attract people to the party.  Something like a retro video dance or decades video dance will definetly work.

Have a video dance for kids to fund hockey, skating, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, football or dance group.  Its not as pricey as you may think and it will attract more people.  Check out this site for more info.

Ultimate wedding feature of videos

Dont want big video screens at the wedding.  No problem.  Some venues have video screens installed and we can easily plug in.

Our take is even cooler.  2 upright trusses with club lighting and each will have a 37inch TV on it.  It can be used for same day edit photos playing when the music is playing and can be combined with music video.  Your names on the video screens too.

Corporate parties thrive with video

We started doing holiday parties with video years ago and its a huge hit.  It will be talked about for ages.  

Music videos work for everyone.  If you dance you get to hear your favorite music and see the artist on the screen too.  For those that don't dance, they still get to watch the videos and chat about them.  It also takes them back to those high school days....or not.