Working with Video and Photographers

We have a few rules when it comes to Video you should be aware of.

Due to licencing, a videographer will not be able to plug into our system and record right from out system for the dances.

However, for introductions, speaches and toasts they are more than welcome to use our line level out when available.

The information they will need is that our output is in MONO and is RCA.  They will understand what that means.

For photographers it is important for them to understand that there is a schedule to occur and it is done on the venues schedule not thiers.

A client should never be pressured the day of because they want to leave or things are running a little later because of events.

Dinner in most cases is always within 30-45 minutes of when the venue says it is.

It is very unprofessional and unfair to clients to be pressured to change everything they spent time organizing just because they wish to leave.

Timing and planning is everything and we take it just as seriously as the venue and event planners.

Making changes on the fly for the client is one thing, but making changes becasue someone wants to go home is another.

It can really throw the flow of the party off and make it look very disorganized.

Guests remember when they are at an awesome party, an awesome day and when nothing goes wrong.

The last thing anyone wants on a day like a wedding is anything going wrong!