Analytics Page
Our clients make us better.
Below are live feedback from clients.  We use Green and Gold as our Top Markers.
Things we track.  Post Event.  Pre Event.  Booking Process. 
Below, you can actually download our reports.

Event Feedback from Clients.  This is purely from our clients and their observations about the performance of the DJ and their overall experience with us.  Gold Is what we strive for.  Green Means we almost nailed it!

This is a collection of Event & Party Feedback, Client Meetings,  New Client Meets / Calls and Planning Calls / Meets with their dedicated event planner.  Red is bad.

This is our event satisfaction rate. We thrive for 100% and since this is a live tool, we dont have complete control over the rating.

As Clients leave us feedback, it shows up here live.

We moved over to our new system December 1st.  Below are some older reviews.  

Want to read our 2019 Analytics - click one below

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