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Welcome to Copeland DJ & Productions

We take a unique "customer first" approach to all our clients.  

We don't want to tell you what we can do for you and why we are the best...we want to know what you want!

Every party should be as unique as you and we work with you to plan a memorable party!
Working together we can find the best music mix and best dj personality to fit your wish list!

Everyone in our team of Party Professionals have a passion for music and entertaining.

Every party we play at receives the best DJ Entertainment for you and your guests.

An all star team of skilled and knowledgable talent work with you to plan that perfect dance floor!

Positive personalities and years of experience is what every client deserves and receives.

Talk to us.  Let us educate you about music planning.  

Let us know what you want and expect at your party!

We Listen.


Guaranteed Unique

Your party or event will be as unique as you are.  We don't believe in playlists and playing the same songs in the same order at parties.

Its always your event.  Your way.

Customized Planning

We have exclusive and proprietary planning tools that ensure every single party is different.

Your planning is done online in a secure planning area that is mobile friendly and interactive.

Simple.  Easy.  Painless.

Don't be surprised how easy and simple we make the planning process.

We do all the reminders for you and keep you on-track with all the music planning deadlines.

Premium Entertainment 

All our packages are tailored to suit your needs.  

As every party is unique, its impossible to just give you a price.

Times, location, add-on services, lighting, AV or something else.  We will put the best package together for you.

We have packaged a DJ & Photobooth.

Culture and Music

All our DJs are english speaking and we have a few that are more cultured than the others.

We offer international music selections.  Our DJ team is familiar with all cultural needs and knows how to mix North American culture with others.  

Brining two or more music cultures together is a difficult task but we have the team to do it.

Experienced Planning Professionals

Its all in the details.

We work with you to help you understand the flow of your party and how music influence and timing is critical.

Our experienced planning team sees trends before they happen and work with you to make sure your party is how you envison it....not how we want it.  

We have a history

Yes most of have used vinyl.  Established in 1982 we have seen major changes in music and technology.  The biggest change is how organized, timed and personalized parties are.  No playlists.

No standards.

Our tech

The DJ uses digital technology for music playback, speakers are wireless or bluetooth and communicate with chromebooks.  Clients login on their phones and tablets from anywhere and anytime they want.

Our philosophy

Music is personal, historical and emotional.  When a song plays, you know where you were and what you were doing at a specific time in your life.  Weddings & Births are the only things that match it.

Our vision

Every party has to be different.  

People are different.  Cultures are different.  Music is different.

Uniqueness is what we strive for in working with clients to plan a successful and personal event. 


So many options to enhance your party.

Club lighting.

Your name on a wall.


Dancing in a cloud.

Projecting images.

Live music.

What will you do to personalize your party.


Every event is different.   We never play the same party twice.  Clients have a huge say in the music and our DJs use their suggestions to build the party.
If you've been to one of our parties...your party will be different.